Our quality management system to achieve excellent business results, comprises the continuous improvement of all business processes with the participation of all employees.

Our Company;

  • All of our units within the framework of management systems of quality, environment and occupational health vaccination awareness
  • The most important success criterion is customer satisfaction; to perform services in accordance with the needs and new expectations
  • Cost-cutting policies with the future goals of our company and increase profitability for R & D activities perform
  • Uncover all the talents of our employees within the framework of the quality management system and work-flow to ensure the continuity of our operations
  • Timely raising of incoming orders,done to prevent the production of incomplete or incorrect product
  • In line with our current environmental management system to be an exemplary company with respect to society and the environment
  • In the context of human health occupational health and safety the safety of our employees and to keep everything on the highest level of protection under
  • Employment,exports and the continuous increase in capacity and related activity inside and outside the country in the name of our company is to announce to all of the areas

Policy Management Systems is committed to...

MSP Pumps and Motors
MSP Mutlusu Nevsehir, Turkey
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Fabrika : Özel Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Aksaray yolu 10.km/ NEVŞEHİR
Şehir : Nevşehir
Telefon : +90 (384) 242 92 90-99
Faks : +90 (384) 242 92 91
Website : http://mutlusu.com.tr
E-Mail : mutlu@mutlusu.com.tr